Environmental Health

Environmental health and hygiene

Environmental Health and hygiene/sanitation is one of the priorities of NCHP. We have provided behavioral change communications to community members and capacity building to relevant government department and non-government organizations. Outstanding achievements included:

  • Developing curriculum, improved by ministry of health, book print, and managing training of trainer on food hygiene for pregnancy woman and after delivery and general hygiene for community to Provincial Health Department (PHD) and Operation District (OD) officials: with 507 participants and 420 training hours and provided technical support and monitoring 15 times
  • Managing training on general hygiene: food hygiene, water sanitation, environment hygiene, housing hygiene, Arsenic, body hygiene, impact of poor hygiene and 5 keys for food safety to children school teachers and government officials: with 897 participants and 861 training hours and provided technical support and monitoring 5 times
  • Conducting pilot survey 200 samples on 5 keys for food safety/good food hygiene practice of Kompong Chhnang Province and Kompong Thom Province
  • Developing curriculum and managing training on community-led total sanitation (CLTS), school and community water, sanitation and hygiene (SC-WASH) and sanitation marketing (SM) to officials of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Rural Development and non-government organizations
  • Providing training on corporal hygiene and sanitation to schools and food handlers
  • Managing community-based campaign on sanitation and hygiene and food handling