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About NCHP

The National Centre for Health Promotion (NCHP) of the Ministry of Health was established in 1994. It consists of Tobacco Control and Alcohol Control.

Tobacco Control

NCHP is the responsible national focal point on tobacco control program. With the leadership of the Government and the Ministry of Health.

Alcohol Control

NCHP is a joint national focal point on alcohol control, with the Department of Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health.

Health Communications

NCHP is a leading institution of the Ministry of Health in managing community-based behavioral change communications.


We have worked with our partners to develop the national policy on primary health care and its guideline for the implementation.

Environmental Health

Sanitation and hygiene is one of the priorities of NCHP. We have provided behavioral change communications to community members.

Research & Training

NCHP has extensive experience in developing and managing training and social research. Over the last decade, we have worked with our partners to provide outstanding training and research including: Training • Developing curriculum of four-year bachelor de