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Workshops to disseminate the Global Youth Tobacco Survey of Cambodia (GYTS)Key finding and recommendation in cluding the tobacco tax

On 14 September 2023 at Siem Reap Province


(CPWC, SBCC AND HEF PROMOTION) TO PHDs AND ODs OF 9 TARGET PROVINCES) On 08-10 August 2023 at Kompong Chhnang

Coaching and Supervision Protocol Training to National and Sub-National Level of VHSGs

On August 02-03,2023 Kompong Cham Province


On May 24-26,2023 at Pursat Province

We need food, not tobacco

Grow food, not tobacco

Daily, tobacco farmers absorb nicotine equivalent to 50 cigarettes

Consultative workshop to identify outline, objectives and develop protocol coaching and supervision tools for all level

As a leading Institution of the Ministry of Health in implementing the work on health behavior change, the National Center for Health Promotion has had many achievements which have contributed to achieving key national indicators such as prevention and reduction of tobacco use and non-communicable diseases, health promotion in primary care and health-seeking behavior. Besides this, the National Center for Health Promotion is involved in achieving other important indicators related to maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, dengue fever and other communicable diseases.

Welcome Message from NCHP

Welcome to the official website of the National Center for Health Promotion of the Ministry of Health.

You are invited to visit our website where you can not only learn about NCHP activities, but you will also find interesting and inspiring case studies of successful health promotion campaigns on tobacco and alcohol control, prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases and community involvement.

This website also hosts the first Digital Library of SBC resources and material in Cambodia where a wide range of materials and research papers are available for public use through a user-friendly platform that is accessible and useful for all SBC/BCC implementers. It works with tablets and smartphones, so you will have easy access to our resources wherever you are.

we hope you can find information and documents you are looking for and will be of great use for your work in the mission to promote healthy behaviors.

Dr. Chhea Chhordaphea
Director, NCHP

Vision and Mission


To promote a healthy lifestyle for all Cambodians, which reduces illness and mortality rates, expenditure on healthcare, and improves the quality of life.


To provide leadership in promoting behavior change communication for individuals, families and communities in Cambodia.

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